Package Renderings (2003-2004)
Box approximately 9" diameter. Husband and wife, engagement picture of son of cherished friends. Prepared as decorative accessory to their room. Scanned (300 dpi) room's drapery fabric to capture the motif, then reduced the pattern to scale with the picture. Most of the work was done in Photoshop. Paper 8-12 x 14 printed on HP990cxi. Top and bottom paper prepared on HP 10PS (13"x19"). Affixed with picture framer's taping device. Gimp applied to top and inside.
The packages on this page were done utilizing personal pictures files which were taken into Photoshop. The photo was then sized so that it would perfectly repeat itself across the dimension of the box being used. In achieving this, when the package is wrapped, the paper appears seamless.
This box had special meaning to me, since the recipient was a person who had been kind to me as a skinny, awkward junior high school student (over 54 years ago). She is a quilter, so the package con-tained the supplies, pattern, and fabric for a quilt. A trip to Montreal for this woman and her husband provided a photo scanned at 300 dpi. Most of the work was done in Photoshop. Since the box was fairly large in girth, it took three joined 13" x 19" sheets done on my 10PS printer. I wanted to give the package to her at the North High School 50th reunion and couldn't risk having the package unwrapped at the airport, so I shipped it to my hotel to await my scheduled arrival. Teal and gauze ribbons. Picture preparation, layout, and wrapping took 15-20 hours.
Most of us experience during life a limited few who spark, encourage, and inspire us to greater heights and new horizons. Such is the case with knowing Roxanne Carter, an author, creative genius, and expert in quilting circles... in concert with being a lovely, caring individual. She attracts those who desire innovation and excellence in performance; being in the midst of this cadre results in "wanting to do and be all that you can be." This simple gift to Roxanne bears her picture. Worked in three different size files in Photoshop before achieving the correct scale for the box. Printed on 10PS printer and wrapped with no visible seams.
Beginning in 1955, Mary Jane Chinn hosted a variety of radio and television shows for KRNT (CBS) in Des Moines. Among the "Mary Jane Chinn Show" formats was a weekly morning television show and a Friday night talk show for which she travelled extensively to interview guests.After the death of her husband, Gary Chinn, Mary Jane married John Odell. From 1969 until 1975, Mary Jane Odell was a prominent public affairs interviewer and commentator for WSNS-TV/Chicago. Odell was honored for her achieve-ments with two Emmy awards, one for "The Big Story" in 1972, the other in 1975 for her interview with Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski. During her television career, Odell interviewed prominent political figures, actors, authors, musicians, and television personalities, including seven United States presidents, Mrs. Nikita Kruschchev, Henry Fonda, Pearl Buck, and Louis Armstrong.
Happy 80th Birthday, Mary Jane!
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