Package Renderings (2003)

An article featuring a Seattle gift and design firm appeared in Sunset as well as the Seattle Times. A collection of tiles hangs on the wall of the design firm. I scanned the "tile segment" of the article's picture and interspersed the tiles with a feathered

photo of the owner, shown in the detailed photo (above). I wanted the paper to be subdued, so the hue was turned down to a conservative pewter. 10PS printer. Pewter gauze ribbon.
Victorian-influenced motif. Pleated closure edged in lace. Was able to locate a Victorian figure of a child on a bicycle. Fortunately, he was wearing a Victorian sailor outfit which corresponds perfectly with a sailor-suited child in the paper. Lavender fragrance added.Took cue from pattern in paper to "pleat" pattern, creating the above design. Horses were dimensionalized and placed on carrousel. Music is "It's a Small World."
Candy cane foil paper with ribbon
personalized on sewing machine.
I took a photo and black-and-white color theme from a local website and made wrapping paper to enclose flower pot, potted flowers, and then gave the arrangement to the website owner. Two days' work in Photoshop to perfectly fit onto pot's side surfaces.
Two cherished friends, John and Jan, are departing the Seattle area. Jan is a quilter, so I made the quilt block in Freehand, concentrating on pulling gradients on the entire design. I then took the .jpg into Photoshop, added the text, and the design became wrapping paper through my 10PS printer.
Box approximately 10" diameter. Husband and wife, a Microsoft executive and a Washington State political leader. Their last name appears on the elephant blanket. Most of the work was done in Photoshop. Paper 8-1/2 x 14 printed on
HP990cxi. Affixed to box with my framer's double-backed tape device. After finishing the box, took plastic floral liners and planted them with spring flowers. Imperfect dimension on box complicated proper fitting. Took approximately 24 hours.
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