Package Renderings (2002-2003)

Porcelain Nutcracker figures. Tree decorated in miniatures. Twenty-five clear miniature lights utilizing electrical power cord. Clara's ballet slippers on rear of package. Text banner created in Photoshop. Music is "Toy Box Dancer." Package

was very labor intensive because lights had to be installed inside the box and "pushed upward." Wrapping took approximataely 25 hours. The package is very fragile.
Lion and lamb motif. Each piece of straw placed and glued individually. Was able to locate a ceramic figure of the lion and the lamb which was in perfect scale for the design on the paper.Golf fabric. Sewn into package is personalized picture of Steve Williams and Tiger Woods that Steve Williams sent us after staying with us during NEC.One of Tiger's golf balls. Sahalee tees and ball markers. Golf shoe.
Made for chess affectionadoes. On computerized sewing machine, ribbon sewn over white tissue paper. Tissue paper was then removed from sewn ribbon with tweezers (five hours for the process). Block letters on ribbon matched block font used on gift enclosure card which utilized chess motif. Package wrapped in white patent paper. Paper overlay was high rag content ("deckle-edged") and was hand painted with black and white acrylics. Acrylic painting took one week. Chocolate boxed chess selection from Boehm's Candies (Issaquah) in box displayed on top of main package.

Scanned a picture of Harry and me taken at a West Point "hop". In Photoshop, resized and replicated the picture to make wrapping paper. Printed two 13" x 19" sheets on 10PS printer and joined them

to provide adequately-sized paper. Overlay on ends was series of three photos bonded to card stock and elevated over thin foamcore. Metallic gold gauze wired ribbon used.
Graduation gifts for two collegiate golfers pictured in their golfing attire. These girls had stayed with us for three years duirng a specific collegiate tournament. Photoshop and printing processes were identical to those shown in West Point picture above. Fortunately the box size was perfect for the layout of the wrapping paper; i.e., three pictures on each side, but I had created and sized the photographs specifically to be accommodated within that space..
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