Package Renderings (Nov., 2002)

Wizard of Oz figures with lighted rainbow and music of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" as well as dog barking sound for Toto. Red sparkling shoes created for Dorothy. Rainbow created in Illustrator 10 with arc tool, Gaussian blur, and

blend; Emerald City, clouds, and logo made in Photoshop 7.0. Texture for logo scanned from wrapping paper, texture pattern created and used to fill logo letters.Yellow brick road painted with acrylics. Tornado effect is ornamental grass.
Money inserted in styrofoam ball and mounted on "currency" wrapping paper.
Wrapped twenty (20) packages for the Seattle Rose Society's National Convention in Seattle, WA. All were wrapped in rose-oriented paper. For the convention, Harry and I were bus tour hosts of the Seattle area.
One of the most difficult wrapping tasks I have attempted. Extreme detail. Tells story of two midwestern individuals who married, moved to Redmond, WA, and have now established a local business. With specific geographic references, on one side of the building, it reflects their small-town Iowa earlier years and, on the other side of the building, their local business in Redmond, WA...
(they are peering out the door). Trees bear ribbons personalized with names of all members of their respective families in Iowa, and with all employees of their firm in Redmond, WA. Found dogs to match appropriate breed, etc. Artifacts within house reflect their childhood pursuits, sports, etc. The gift wrapping task was costly and time-consuming, exceeding 100 hrs.
While wrapping the "Teddy Bears' Picnic" package, I needed red and white dishes for the picnic table. Found those at "Toy R Us", but at the same time, found these dishes which demanded I do a "Tea for Two" package. Here is that rendition. Painted a
corrugated box a light beige and topped it with a beige lace tablecloth. Clothes made out of very small figural cotton. Notice the "goodies" on the table...even bears love strawberry shortcake! Music can be "Tea for Two" or "Easter Parade."
Purchased grapes several years ago. Found decoupage round ornaments with grapes motif a couple of years later. Found foil paper which duplicated round ornaments yet two years later.Ends pulled down to create clean lines and avoid visible folded ends. Package is electrified so it can be plugged directly into clean power outlet. Gold wired silk gauze ribbon.
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