Package Renderings (2004-2017)
Group Photo;
Select Eugene;
To Eugene...Enjoy!
This was taken from a North High School 60th group re-union picture. In Photoshop, I first worked on recreating the left eye in the photo. I selected the lower part of the photo with the clone tool, flipped my cloned element, working on two separate layers to replicate the other side of Eugene's head. I then merged those layers. Using the single finished image of Eugene, I pasted multiple images in a row, merged those images, then duplicated the rows to create the total pattern. The image was then run off on my HP 10PS printer providing the wrapping paper for the gift.

Single bear; change background to pink;
flip file to match direction of bear on gift card.
To present a gift to North High School alumnae, I thought it fitting to design wrapping paper high-lighting the school mascot, a polar bear. I found a huge clip of a polar bear which I resized in Photoshop. I flipped the bear's direction and then made two files--a transparent .gif and a .jpg. I took the .gif into Print Master where I placed it on a gradient background to achieve the gift card, recording the hexidecimal pink color. I opened the .jpg in Photoshop, giving the file the same pink background.Using the single finished image of the bear, I pasted multiple images in a row, merged those images, then duplicated the rows to create the total pattern. The image was then run off on my ultra-large HP 10PS printer, providing the wrapping paper for the gift. Individual bears were cut out with manicure scissors to adorn the ribbon's edges.Clear cellophane was added to ribbon.
The packages on this page were done utilizing personal pictures files which were taken into Photoshop. The photo was then sized so that it would perfectly repeat itself across the dimension of the box being used. In achieving this, when the package is wrapped, the paper appears seamless.
  A neighbor in our community was hosting her grandson's prospective wife with a wedding shower and wanted a personal centerpiece. I took a photo of the couple (taken at their high school senior prom) and created a centerpiece around it. The couple had dated all through high school and college and now were preparing for the long-awaited wedding! Their photo appeared on both sides.
I'd seen a baby shower centerpiece created with diapers and thought I'd try downsizing it to wrap personal baby gifts. I was making four gifts, so it took a considerable number of diapers. The gift is placed around the core (from a roll of paper towels) first and then you start building with diapers.It is quite easy to merely lift the top tier off and retrieve the gift without damaging the wrapping.
Three baby gifts at one time!
Since I was making the other three gifts, I wanted to make a sample using my North High school colors, pink and green. The button is a music box which plays, "Brahm's Lullaby." Small items affixed to ice cream sticks are pacifiers, safety pins, baby bottles, etc.
Here is yet another version of the baby gift. Gender of baby was unknown, so I used yellow and green. Music is "Jesus Loves Me." The small items tucked within the diapers include a dove, high chair, and pacifier. The item on the duck's tail is a tiny bird. I shipped this gift in the mail, along with a small book about the "duck on the top of the package" and a blanket to match the gift included in the center of the diaper-gift wrapped package.
During the summer of 2004, Sahalee Country Club conducted a photo contest. Entries were to represent the four seasons at the Club. One of my entries won the "summer" section of the contest, and I wanted to wrap a gift utilizing my pictorial entry. (The picture shown on the right was the winning entry). Sahalee logo on top of golf cart and on each end of package overlaying a photo of the Country Club as one approaches it from the front drive.
  We so enjoyed our "Cruise for a Cure" Alaskan quilting cruise in June, 2004. The photo (of Harry and me) on the package was taken before we headed up the gangplank to board Holland America's M/S Amsterdam, with stops at Glacier Bay, Sitka, Ketchikan, Juneau, and Victoria. The box is covered with fabric representing waves of the ocean. I cut narrow strips of the same fabric to dimensionalize those "waves." The photo on the top is, of course, that of the vessel we boarded, the M/S Amsterdam. Banner was done in Photoshop and the file reversed to achieve the same banner message on both sides of the standing panel.
When I located these attractive Christmas ornaments focusing on ice skating maneuvers, I couldn't resist incorporating them into a gift package. The figures are labeled "joy", "noel", and "love." The circular "fruit cake" tin was covered with white paper (to intensify the white fabric). Then two layers of white sparkling fabric were added. The mirror on top was sprayed with snow crystals. The underneath side was created in Photoshop from the cover of the Des Moines Register on which my skating photo appeared years ago.
Underneath side of package Top of ice skating package
December, 2004: Presentation to the United Airlines Wives' Club at the Seattle Yacht Club. Wanted to create a package appropriate for that event. Covered the box with a "clouds and sky" fabric. Tufts of cotton are glued randomly on the fabric and on the underside of the plane for the dimensional cloud effect. Used minute clear lights to simulate the runway lights. Trees are affixed with velcro. I had ordered the United 777 model was back ordered, and it took about two months to receive it. The scroll on the side of the package was done in Photoshop. I recorded a short message on a minirecorder placed under the plane, "Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays. Join those who fly the friendly skies of United   Airlines!" That message is a "voice over" to a jet sound I recorded of a plane taking off. This wrapping was a logistical challenge because of the runway light placement (all wires/batteries had to be contained inside the box). Wrapping took about 12 hours.
  August, 2006: Jim Shore is the guest artist on Quilt Camp at Sea's Alaskan Christmas cruise (Holland America; August, 2006). Jim's designs (HeartWood Creek for Enesco) are available in gift stores nationwide. His designs have been incorporated into fabrics through Red Rooster Fabrics. This fabric design is Country Kitty's", design #12449. I purchased the coordinating figurine to place on top and made ribbons of the fabric to frame and add dimension to the packge and the figurine.Sound button is of a cat meowing.
On our first Alaskan cruise in 2004, we happened on a gift shop in Sitka where we discovered these fabulous Merilee Dupree (of Homer, AK) dolls. I called Merilee and had her make dolls I could utilize on a Northern Lights (aurora borealis) theme package. The fabric applied to the box is P&B Textiles; Celestial (northern lights/green) purchased in Ketchikan. Twelve multicolored lights are installed (electrified) behind the northern lights cellophane effect. Actual photos of a northern lights "happening" are shown on each box end. Music button is "You Light Up My Life." August, 2006
06/08: We have two recent high school graduates in our neighborhood. They are cousins, but went to different high schools.One has chosen the University of Oregon, so necessarily I made the paper for an Oregon duck. The other has chosen New York University, so she is becoming a new bobcat! The gifts are "certified" to help defray huge college expenses. I used a small version of the graphics for the cards.
09/15: When an acquaintance named Scott Hamilton celebrated a birthday, why not locate the Scottish Hamilton tartan and make the wrapping paper to reflect his Scottish heritage? The paper was designed accordingly with Scott's photos, and that of his wife, Gail, and companion dog, Juno. A music button on the package plays "Happy Birthday!"
11/15: The recipient of this gift was the avid polar bear photographer, Gail Twelves. I ordered online the polar bear fabric in which to wrap the gift. The gift had to be sewn into the fabric at the ends. The fabric had been discontinued, and I wanted the recipient to be able to preserve the fabric without cutting into it during the unwrapping process. I scanned the fabric to create the accompanying card.
04/28/17: What is more fun than being a seven-year old? This package incorporated 28 photos of a vibrant young lady from Sammamish. I was able to obtain most of the photos from a facebook album. Front of package on left below; back of package on right below. I made extra copies of the 13" x 19" collage for her parents and grandmothers.
07/23/17: Hi Baby Julian!
Rupke baby gift with card Julian Rupke baby gift
07/21/17: Introducing Julian Joseph born July 21, 2017 at 3:53pm; 7 pounds, 10 ounces; 20 inches long. Grandma Colleen is a vital and talented member of the Sammamish Arts Commission team which introduces its artistry in the City of Sammamish.
12/15/17: What is more fun than being the mayor of a "City Where You Love to Live"? For 18 years, this Sammamish icon has epotomized the words "sensitivity, service, and dedication". The wrapping captured pictorial representation, but could not replicate the depth of this man's caring and sharing. This wrapping incorporated 20 photos of a Wisconsin lad who went "west". Front of package on left below. The card reads: "Reached for the stars...and became one" honoring the man's interest in astronomy. I included an extra copy of the 13" x 19" collage for the treasures of a cherished grandchild.
01/27/21: Introducing Sanaa Jordan born January 27, 2021 (pictured with brother, Hendrix).
March, 2021: Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Peterson
(nee Kristine Leo)
expecting daughter
Molly Alexis Peterson
Gift wrapping demonstration on Alaskan cruise Gift wrapping demonstration on Alaskan cruise
08/26/06; Crow's Nest; Holland America; MS Westerdam; Cruise to Alaska:
Gift Wrapping Demonstration by Claradell Shedd.
It was an indescribably huge task to pack these fragile items and get them through clearance, security, etc.
For detailed photos of some of the packages, see my website on gift wrapping
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