Fabric Specifics Used on Quilt Patterns



Sisters Choice

Quilt Size
(Before border and binding)

(Attempt to replicate mood
of feedsacks used for clothes in 1940's)

70" x 54"

Fabric Source,
Quantity, & Date Purchased

       Begun:    11/00
Completed:    11/00


(1),(2)Main Accent
(Alt. Block & Binding)
QuiltWorks NW,Bellevue
Moda Marbelized
Pattern 9880-14
2 yds. @$8.17 = $16.36
(very dark blue)08/16/00
Large Block And
Outside binding
(3)Alternate Block Background(tone on tone)using tone on tone and dark blue fabric
QuiltWorks NW,Bellevue
Chanteclaire Quilters Flour
Pattern QF1177-03T
2 1/2yds.@$6.30 = $15.75
Large Block

Marcus Brothers
980 Avenue of the Americas,
NY 10018
(212) 354-8700
(1) Plaid Miscellaneous Medley from Keepsake Quilting,
Six ½ yard cuts

Small Block
Suggested yardage was 3 blocks for each fat quarter
1. Karen Jarrar for Marcus Bros.Textiles/plaid
(2) Fruit
2. Karen Jarrar for Marcus Bros.Textiles/lgfruit
(3) Floral
3. Karen Jarrar for Marcus Bros.Textiles/ lgfloral
(4) Checkered w/floral
4. Karen Jarrar for Marcus Bros.Textiles/floral w.blue checked background
(5) Blue/White Stripe
5. Karen Jarrar for Marcus Bros.Textiles/small floral w/blue/white stripe background
(6) Paisley
6. Karen Jarrar for Marcus Bros.
Textiles/paisley print
(5)Block Background (using for each multi-colored block)
QuiltWorksNW, Bellevue
PLAIN creamy white
Chan Vintage WhitePattern 50943 GR-White
2 yds.@$5.2875 = $10.58
Small Block
Suggested yardage was
1-1/4 yds
Possibility for backing:
Print Fabric
30's Playtime by Moda
Pac Fabrics, Redmond
2 yds.@ $8.99=$17.98
less 10%= $1.80=$16.18
Bought 2 yards;
Need 2 more yards.
Binding 30's Playtime by Moda
Pac Fabrics, Redmond
This is plain white block
.jpg shown to the right.
"Flour" fabric used in block.  
Roxanne Carter
(425) 742-6318
[email protected]
    Quilted by
Ruby Mire
Final borders to be added. The quilt measures 70" x 54" without the final border and binding.
Sisters Choice pictures and detail to follow. Quilted by Ruby Mire; 08/25/07. Embroidered label by Kathy Harris.
While living on the farm with Grandma, it was a big event to purchase feed sacks. We drew straws to see who would get to make the selection. If we needed two different feeds from the mill that week, we might be able to get the same feed sack fabric in the two different feeds....that meant I could have both a blouse and a skirt! Using recently-introduced fabrics, I have replicated the mood I remembered those feeds sacks offered during the 1940's. The name of one of the fabrics I used was "Flour."
Overall lap quilt design
Outside details

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