Fabric Specifics Used on Quilt Patterns

Log Cabin Standard Quilt

Quilt Size
Standard Quilt: 80"x90"

Source, Quantity, & Date Purchased

Top/Quilt Begun:

Quilting and/or Special Effects Completed:

Prints (7 different)
  When decorating Harry's den in the "fox and hounds" motif, red and green plaid was selected to upholster our antiquated sectional couch. Harry selected red and green fabrics for a log cabin quilt for his den. This is a fairly large quilt-- probably adequate to use on a standard-size bed. The colors and hues of the quilt fabrics coordinate wonderfully well with the couch and fabric used to upholster the walls.  
Borders, Backing, Binding:
Log cabin square may be arranged many ways. The same square in different arrangements.
Selected this one.

Quilt fabric for Harry's den was selected to coordinate with the English "fox and hound" decor.

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