North High School Wall of Honor
Albert Lee Chamberlin, Jr.
Class of June, 1943
Research done by Claradell Shedd, Class of 1953. PAGE IN PROGRESS
Albert Lee Chamberlin, Jr.
Albert was a member of North High's class of June, 1943. His next of kin was A.L. Chamberlin, 1907 Clark Street, Des Moines, IA. Albert's service number was ______.
Albert Lee Chamberlin, Jr.
Year   Rank   Status
June, 1943   Graduated   Graduated from North High, Des Moines, IA
June, 1943 x Drafted/
US Army Air Corps
x Graduated from North High, Des Moines, IA
date   US Army Air Corps
  Basic Training in Amarillo, TX. where and when?
The April, 1944 US Army/Navy Directory of Airfields described Armarillo Airport as having a 1,500' hard-surface runway with a 5,200' x 4,500' all-way field available. It also indicated that Army flight operations were conducted from the field. Where you actually stationed at Dalhart Army Air Field Auxiliary which conducted training in the B-17, B-24, B-29, B-32, and the Waco glider.
date x US Army Air Corps x Training where and when? What models did you fly? Where did you train for and where did you fly B-17's?
date x US Army Air Corps x Flight Training. What models did you fly? Received wings. What group, squadron, which # Air Force?
date x US Army Air Corps x Discharged in________?
date to present x Civilian x Vocation, civilian career.
Chamberlin photos "in the field"
457th Bomber Group? B-17 Flying Fortress 748th Bomber Squadron?

US Air Force seal

US Army Air Corps Patch; 1943

Albert Lee Chamberlin, Jr.
US Army Air Corps

Air Force Pilot Wings

Albert Chamerlin photo
in uniform


Sergeant Stripes
(1) The World War II Army Enlistment Records contain information on more than nine million indivdual enlistments. These records can be found online at

(2) The comprehensive list of names from North High's 1893-2018 graduation classes are from Claradell Shedd's North Des Moines High School website. The names of North High School graduates can be found online at: Albert Lee Chamberlin's 1943 class page is:
10/16/10. Living in IA.
Music: "Wind Beneath My Wings"
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